Artist Statement

Ink on Ice Photograph

My interest is in the ephemeral and transitory nature of everyday life, through the observation of everyday rituals and gestures that form and shape our understanding of the world. These ephemeral rituals are transformed through a series of experimental processes that begin to shape and define the creation of unique imagery. This arises from a questioning of the threshold between the forms of representation and the actual acts observed. The exploration of tools, different drawing surfaces and means of capturing gestures that are applied to these surfaces form the basis of my practice based research. The work takes upon a variety of forms and mediums each medium unique to its individual practice. There are drawings created through the movement of light on the body, drawings created out of ink on ice and drawings created by the sweeping of the broom. All of these methods have the exploration of gesture and transitory processes at their centre. They all provide us with a new lenses by which to look at and record our ephemeral existence.